Quality is our Mission
The American Tax Reporting method ensures that your files are free from delinquent property tax penalties, missing jurisdiction or installment information, or any loss due to a real estate tax sale.  This security translates into a real, tangible cost savings for your organization.

Three Step Process
When files are received from our clients, the addresses are  loaded into our proprietary SmartTrak
system, validated for accuracy, and matched to the correct tax authorities.  Any inconsistencies are flagged that require further research or additional information.

Next, SmartTrak
acquires all relevant tax data from the tax authorities, verifies the legal identifiers and determines the tax status noting any payment requirements.  Every step of the way a research audit trail is maintained so that 100% quality control is maintained. 

Last, the completed tax certificate or data file is delivered to our clients via our secure web-based reporting system or via direct system-to-system XML integration.  We reliably deliver accurate results that save our clients time and money during both the real estate closing process and the loan boarding process.  


Feature Spotlight:

Independent Verification
We perform independent audits to verify the quality and consistency of our work. We encourage and actively seek input from independent auditors who confirm both specific account information as well as process recommendations. This "extra set of eyes" is invaluable to ensure quality is maintained throughout the process.

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